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Technology has changed almost every aspect of our daily lives, including the way we care for our pets. In the past, for instance, we had no idea what our dogs and cats were up to while we were away at work. Were they tearing the house apart? Getting into the trash? Now, we can use small cameras and apps to see our pets. How is technology changing pet care in other ways? Let's take a quick look.

Your Pet's Health

Many veterinarians have invested in the latest diagnostic technology so that they can better identify the underlying causes of a pet's illnesses. Some of the equipment that you may find in a vet clinic today includes ultrasound machines, digital X-rays and video otoscopes. In addition, many clinics now have in-house laboratories, which means you won't have to wait days for the results of your pet's blood or urine tests.

Another way that pet care technology can make your life easier is through apps that will keep track of your pet’s medical records, vet appointments and required vaccinations. For example, use the Figo Pet Cloud app to store your pet's medical records so that you can easily share them with boarding facilities or with another vet, in the event of an emergency.

The app will also remind you of the vaccinations your pet is due to receive. A huge plus? The Figo Pet Cloud app gives free access to a live veterinary professional who can answer questions about your dog or cat's health. This service is available 24/7 for app users.

Editor’s Note: Technology has increased access to pet medical care faster and more efficient than ever. And with limited access to veterinary clinics due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for virtual veterinarians and telemedicine for dogs and cats has increased.

Keeping Your Pet Safe

Do you own a dog or cat that is an escape artist? Then you should invest in pet care technology—such as a microchip or GPS tracker—that will help you bring a beloved pet home. What's the difference between a tracker and a microchip?

A GPS tracker is a device that your pet wears that will allow you to search for it in real time. Let's say your dog gets spooked while you're on a walk and breaks free. You can use the signal from the GPS tracker to pinpoint its location.

A microchip, on the other hand, is like an identification tag that is injected beneath a pet's skin. When a pet gets lost and is picked up by animal control or taken to a vet, it will typically be scanned for a chip. The information from that microchip will then be used to locate the pet's owner. One of the benefits of pet microchipping is that it is permanent and—unlike a GPS collar—cannot fall off an animal.

Technology for Your Home

Pet cameras are a relatively inexpensive way to check on and even speak with pets when you're not home. Some monitoring devices even have the ability to remotely reward your pet with a treat.

Innovative pet product manufacturers are also making smart toys for dogs and cats. For instance, you can now comfort a lonely puppy or kitten with a stuffed animal that comes equipped with a "real-feel" heartbeat. These smart pet toys are designed to trick your sad pet into thinking that it is snuggling up to a furry friend rather than a stuffed animal.

Although our pets may be the only members of our family that don't have a smartphone, technology has become an integral part of their lives. From devices that allow us to find them when they're lost to apps that remind us when to take them for their vet appointments, technology has definitely revolutionized many of the ways we take care of our pets.

Figo is committed to helping pets and their families enjoy their lives together by fusing innovative technology—the first-of-its-kind Figo Pet Cloud—and the industry’s most comprehensive pet insurance plans.

Figo is committed to helping pets and their families enjoy their lives together by fusing innovative technology—the first-of-its-kind Figo Pet Cloud—and the industry’s most comprehensive pet insurance plans.

Protect your pet from the unexpected with Figo Pet Insurance, rated “Best Pet Insurance” by since 2017.

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