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Sci-Fi Fits and Far Out Finds for Pets Living in 3023

Giving your pet a good life, no matter what dimension they may be in, is never a waste. These futuristic fits are ready to intrigue and inspire.

Futuristic fits and far out gifts

Is your pet’s vibe out of this world? Whether they’re the guardian of your galaxy or something closer to space balls, there’s a futuristic find somewhere out there. We took a trip through time and space to bring you this guide to living like Nibbler or Nyan Cat.

It seems sci-fi futurism is a trend we’re all into lately, between consumer space travel, AI developments, cinematic multiverses, and the return of ‘00s aesthetics. At Figo, we're bringing these galactic innovations back down to Earth so our pets can get in on it, too.

Giving your pet a good life, no matter what dimension it may be, is never a waste.

Futuristic Feeders and DNA Test Kits

No astronaut food here — just an efficient, digital approach to dinner. Spend less time coordinating meals and more time on leisurely spacewalks.

Is your soulful sidekick part alien? Sure, your cat is more likely part Shorthair or your dog mostly Terrier, but it doesn’t hurt to make sure.

Now you can learn about all sorts of breed and genetic characteristics for your pet — no secret laboratory required.

A Launchpad That’s Light-years Ahead

They’re not necessarily the Starfleet’s doors from Star Trek, but automatic pet doors are pretty cool. Using your pet’s microchip, they open only for your cat or dog. This might ease some concerns with traditional open flaps. If only they had those pneumatic sound effects…

Next time your pet’s adventures send them into orbit or to a galaxy far, far away, you can keep track of their whereabouts with GPS and LTE connectivity.

Upgrade the perfect place to land after a long day of cat naps on the moon and cosmic zoomies. Check out these cozy sleep pods for your own landing crashpad chic.

Cleaning Up in Cyberspace

Now and in the future, reducing your environmental impact is mission-critical. These innovative tools will help manage all that space dust, from grooming to litter-scooping.

Even space explorers know we must protect our home planet, so get some eco-friendly poop bags while you’re at it.

Don’t worry — we have you covered on sustainable kitty litter, too.

Galactic Gadgets and Gizmos

Squeakers and rope toys? So last century.

Get into the hi-tech, tail-wagging fun of Wi-Fi-enabled, app-controlled toys like these. If your little creature wears you out with games of fetch, let automatic entertainment take over.

Not everything requires batteries, though. Sometimes all you need is some offline galactic vibes.

Space-Age Style and Otherworldly Accessories

Ensure your little alien is equipped for any situation, whether that’s defending against space invaders or charting new territory. Well, they’re probably lying around sunbathing, but even animals from the future need to look good while doing nothing.

Galactic glasses and leashes are just a few ways you can give your pets a sci-fi makeover.

On-the-Way to Outerspace

Before you head out to discover the mysteries of the cosmos, prepare your furry friend for an interstellar journey (or a round-trip to the veterinarian’s office).

A Vast Sci-Fi Universe Awaits

We hope you enjoyed this glimpse into the future of pet tech that’s available in the present day. If you’re looking for more down-to-Earth must-haves for your pet, check out these finds the Figo team can’t live without and our ideas for adventurous pet parents.

Dylan M. Austin is a highly caffeinated writer and creator in Seattle. When offline, he's hanging out with his Chihuahua Terrier rescue, Will, and adding to his increasingly excessive houseplant collection.

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