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Pet Insurance policies are underwritten by Independence American Insurance Company.

Welcome, Vets!

Built with your clients in mind, we make pet parenting a breeze. Figo empowers owners to get the care they need, without breaking the bank.

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Figo wants the Best for Vets

Our pets are everything to us. That's why your clients should never have to choose between their pet’s wellbeing and their financial health. Enter Figo.

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    Pets > Profits Figo Puts the focus back on caring for pets, not payments.

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    Security & Support Peace of mind makes the difficult conversations a little easier.

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    No Surprises Treatment and coverage estimates ensure clients feel prepared, without unexpected surprises.

What Puts Figo Ahead of the Pack?

We’re giving pet parents what they really need. A few things people love about us:

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    No Per Incident Caps

    We don’t cap claim payments by condition, so you can make the most of your plan.

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    Coverage for Curable Pre-Existing Conditions

    We may cover "curable" pre-existing conditions if they show no signs/symptoms within 12 months of treatment.

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    Lighting Fast Claims

    Less waiting for you, $$ quicker than ever. On average, most claims close in just 2.6 working days.

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    Figo Wellness

    Stay on top of yearly exams & more with our preventative care Powerup.
    Coverage not available in all states.

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    Pet Cloud

    From insurance to play dates and everything in between, the Pet Cloud makes pet parenting a breeze.

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    No Max - That's a Fact

    The care you need, without worrying about lifetime maximums.

What real pet parents are saying

Recently Jax became seriously ill. What a relief to know Figo had our back. Vet costs can be extremely expensive and quickly cost in the thousands. So thankful we were reimbursed quickly.

Bella Simson,

Jax Parent

Request a Vet Pack

Many members of the Figo team come from vet practices like yours. We know how important pet insurance is, not only for patients, but for your hospital.

Request a Vet Pack for your practice to help pet parents understand how plans work, coverage details, and more!

What's Included:

  • 80 Brochures

  • 1 Brochure Holder

  • Educational Materials

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