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6 pet trends

These six pet trends leave no shortage of services, tech-toys, apps, and even spas, to ensure our pets receive no less than the royal treatment.

6 pet trends

Pets love us unconditionally—even on our worst days. They depend on us for care and deserve the best. It only makes sense that we want to shower them with love, affection, and goodies! These pet trends leave no shortage of services, tech-toys, apps, and even spas, to ensure our pets receive no less than the royal treatment.

6. Luxury Hotels and Spas

It’s not unlikely for a pet owner to treat their pups to a spa day, before themselves. Let’s be honest, our dogs deserve it. Many pet grooming salons these days have taken their services to the next level to give them a spa-like experience. Some services include essential oils, manicures, specialized shampoos and conditioners, relaxation rooms, facials, teeth-brushing, and paw-balm application.

Leaving your pet behind when you have to travel no longer has to be a constant stressor while on vacation. This is an opportunity for your pets to have their own special getaway. Today there are plenty of options for pet hotels that cater to both cats and dogs, and some are even specific to certain breeds, so you know who your pets will be mingling with. These pet hotels aim to provide a peaceful and engaging home-like setting, making the separation from their owners as stress-free as possible.

5. High-tech Pet Products

Another way you can spoil your fluffy companions, is through high-tech pet toys. Technology is booming and no industry has been left untouched!

One struggle many pet owners face, is feeling guilty having to leave their pets home alone while at work. Today, there are cameras that allow us to watch, talk to, and even feed our pets treats, while we are away! That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Check out our article best dog toys to learn more about pet toys and gadgets, as well as high-tech pet parenting.

4. Specialty Pet Food

Have you ever thought, “my pet eats better than I do?” That’s no surprise. There are hundreds or companies now dedicated to making clean, healthy, and delicious food for our pets! No longer is kibble your only option. Pet food options range from freeze-dried, dehydrated, raw, organic, gluten free, and beyond! In response to consumer demand and preference, pet food companies have upped their game in cleaning up their food and labeling their products to reflect that.

Beyond mealtime, we even have the option of visiting a bakery for our pets so we can treat them to something a little more decadent. I mean, where else are you going to get Fido’s birthday cake for his birthday party?

Additionally, if you haven’t tried pet food delivery services, they can be an absolute game changer! If you have ever gotten home from work, only to realize you forgot to pick up pet food, Chewy could be your new best friend. You can set your order to auto-ship at your designated intervals, so you are never without your dog or cat’s favorite food again.

3. Pet Apps

Feel like your dog could use a new playmate? There’s a pet app for that. Seriously. Apps for your pet range from GPS tracking, doggy “dating” sites for play dates, cameras to keep an eye when you are away, toxin trackers to determine what is and isn’t toxic for your cats and dogs, and so much more. There truly is an app for everything.

2. Pet Benefits

Even pet insurance is a monumentally beneficial pet trend, that we hope sticks around for the long haul. While pet insurance has been available for over 30 years now, with advancements in technology, it has been simplified and made more affordable and accessible to the masses. Our hope is that anyone who has a pet in their home, will have the option of enrolling in pet insurance.

1. Subscription Boxes

You have probably heard of BarkBox, and for good reason. This subscription service isn’t just fun for your pet, it’s fun for the whole family. Every BarkBox has at least two engaging toys, two all-natural bags of treats, and a chew, curated from each month's unique themed collection. The themes may be more fun for the owner, than the dog, but that’s why this is an all-around win!


Your pet deserves the best. In 2019, the ways in which you can pamper, spoil, and reward your pets is endless! Here at Figo, we fully support your decision to work so your pet can have a better life. Time well spent, we say!

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